Martha Henley



Thriller and horror author, Martha Henley is one who can’t stay away from not-so-happily ever after endings. Life isn’t perfect, so the stories we tell don’t have to be either.

The good guys in her Death and Donuts Thriller novel series prevail over the serial killers, but the horror series, Live Your Life, Die Your Death are creepy, twisted tales of fate. If you like odd characters, eerie situations, and a touch of humor, you’ll enjoy at least one of Martha Henley’s series.

When not writing, Martha stood around having unfinished conversations with random strangers. She worked retail at a department store. The exchanges and characters she met were the best inspiration for her favorite protagonists and antagonists.

Now that retail life is behind her, Martha enjoys finding new muses at comedy clubs, garage sales, and the dog park.

Martha is a proud ally, she believes unexpected changes have positive impacts and embraces those struggling to make hard life decisions. Push yourself to greater heights every day. Follow your dreams, your heart, and 100%, no matter the risk, be YOU!

Have you heard about Martha’s good side? Published under the sister name, Nikki Henley, is the Paranormal Cozy Mystery series, Curious In Eubanks.

Nikki’s also finished, but is holding back Dead Wishes, Book One in a new magical realism trilogy. To learn more about when the series will be available, join Nikki’s mailing list on the sister site,

As the Henley Sisters Martha’s proud to publish her books under her own independently owned publishing company, Pace Bend Press.

Pace Bend, Press, Live Life, One Page At A Time.

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